Advising and Mentoring

Collaboration with Students

I welcome the opportunity to work with undergraduate and graduate students and to support extracurricular opportunities for students to learn about the research process and explore research questions of their own.

In some cases, I will invite students to work with me, based on their performance in courses I have taught, their demonstrated in interest in the topics that I research, and the resources I have available for student mentorship and collaboration. Students are also welcome to contact me with a thoughtful request to discuss potential opportunities to work together in formal and informal advising and mentoring relationships, research practicums and independent studies, research assistantships, and project collaboration.

Photo of Spring 2021 UMass Amherst undergraduate student research team members Sean Dunham ('23), Lynn-Tyi'a Porter ('22), Siobhan Powers ('21), and Ella Stock ('23) at our end-of-semester party over Zoom.
Spring 2021 UMass Amherst undergraduate student research team members Sean Dunham (’23), Lynn-Tyi’a Porter (’22), Siobhan Powers (’21), and Ella Stock (’23) at our end-of-semester party!

Current Students and Student Collaborators

I am grateful to have had the chance to work with students in research and advising capacities, to have been part of their research and training experiences, and to have learned and grown with and from them, as well. I am currently advising, mentoring, and/or collaborating with the following students:

  • Sean Dunham, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Independent Study Student, and Practicum Advisee (more about Sean here)
  • Faith English, Health Policy and Management PhD Student (more about Faith here)
  • Charlotte Gilson, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Priscilla Hernandez, Sociology PhD Student
  • Chen-Shuo Hong, Sociology PhD Student (more about Chen-Shuo here)
  • Allison Lucas, Undergraduate Practicum Advisee
  • Kathryn (Katie) Reynolds, Sociology PhD Student
  • Tess Snodgrass, Sociology PhD Student
  • Ella Stock, Undergraduate Research Assistant (more about Ella here)
  • Hsin Fei Tu, Sociology PhD Student

I have also had the honor of working with the following individuals:

  • Katie R. Billings, Sociology PhD Candidate and Center for Justice, Law, & Societies Graduate Fellow (more about Katie here)
  • Jacki Carroll, Undergraduate Research Assistant (more about Jacki here)
  • C.A. Donovan, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Delaney House, Undergraduate Senior Thesis Advisee
  • Haejin Lee, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Lynn-Tyi’a Porter, Undergraduate Research Assistant (more about Lynn-Tyi’a here)
  • Siobhan Powers, Undergraduate Research Assistant (more about Siobhan here)
  • Tanya Rouleau Whitworth, Sociology PhD Candidate (more about Tanya here)

Reference Letters and Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to support students’ professional and academic objectives by writing letters of recommendation. I will be able to do so most effectively if we have prior experience working together in the classroom and/or professionally or in a research capacity and if I am provided with adequate information to tailor the letter to each opportunity and student. To request a letter of recommendation or reference, please review my Reference and Letter Recommendation Policy.