Teaching and Mentoring

Teaching and mentoring are central to my work as a social scientist. The opportunity to learn and work collaboratively with students have been some of the most exciting parts of my experiences as a student and mentee and as an instructor and mentor to others.


In the 2020-2021 academic year, I am teaching the following courses at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst:

SOCIOL 212 Elementary Statistics:

This course provides a social scientific introduction to probability and statistics. Our goal is to learn about quantitative (numerical) data and to learn how to use data, probability, and statistics appropriately to study our social world.

Collaboration with Students

I welcome the opportunity to work with undergraduate and graduate students and to support extracurricular opportunities for students to learn about the research process and explore research questions of their own.

In some cases, I will invite students to work with me, based on their performance in courses I have taught, their demonstrated in interest in the topics that I research, and the resources I have available for student collaboration. Students are also welcome to contact me with a thoughtful request to discuss potential opportunities to work together in formal and informal advising and mentoring relationships, research practicums and independent studies, research assistantships, and project collaboration.

Reference Letters and Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to support students’ endeavors by writing letters of recommendation in support of academic and professional opportunities as well as opportunities for recognition and awards.