Teaching is central to my work as a social scientist. The opportunity to learn and work collaboratively with students have been some of the most exciting parts of my experiences as a student and mentee and as an instructor and mentor to others.


I have developed and teach the following courses at UMass Amherst:

SOCIOL 212 Elementary Statistics

This course provides a social scientific introduction to probability and statistics. Our goal is to learn about quantitative (numerical) data and to learn how to use data, probability, and statistics appropriately to study our social world. A recent syllabus for this course here.

SOCIOL 261 Population Studies:

How can we make sense of statistics and rates used to describe the COVID-19 pandemic? Are there too few babies? What explains racial inequality in health outcomes? This course provides and introduction to demographic perspectives and tools that help us unpack these questions and understand key aspects of population growth, decline, movement, and change. A recent syllabus for this course is available here.

SOCIOL 710 Research Methods:

This course provides a graduate-level deep dive into the sociological research process and a structured survey and discussion of the production, evaluation, and assessment of theory and evidence for investigation, analysis, and explanation of the social world. Our goal is to establish a foundation for meaningful engagement with prior and ongoing theory development and research while developing ideas and immediately applicable skills for our own research interests and questions. A draft syllabus for this course is available here.